About Us:

Western Boys was founded in 2002: a group of 4 trans guys meeting together for mutual support, providing a focal point for FTMs in the West Country and South Wales. Soon the monthly group meeting was attracting up to 15 people on a regular basis and by 2007 had around 70 contacts that had been to at least one of their meetings.

From 2006 we took over publishing BoysOwn magazine that had been started by the FTM Network, and in 2007 we held our first National Conference. By 2011 we decided to change our name to reflect that much of our time is spent on national projects. Qwest FTM UK became an organization with registered charitable status.

At the end of 2013 the trustees of QwesT met and decided it was time to close as a national charity as the chairman and the coordinator were having to move on to other things and we no longer had the capacity for large scale projects.

The remaining team decided to return their focus to the local support group, WesternBoys.

WesternBoys maintain this website so that FTM/trans-masculine identified people from all over can continue to access information and resources, so please help us to keep it up to date by emailing any amendments to admin@westernboys.co.uk

As well as hosting a monthly meeting WesternBoys also hold an annual summer camping trip which everyone is welcome to. Please get in touch with us for more info