We are a small group based in the south west who provide support and a safe meeting place for FTM and trans-masculine identified people

We meet once a month to chat in a safe, no pressure environment. We also run a summer camp for anyone who wants to join us, even if you don’t attend the regular meetings you are more than welcome to come along!

If you would like to join us at one of our meetings or if you just need to chat please do get in touch via email or phone. We are always happy to to see more people in the group.

We have a hidden facebook group where you can safely get in touch with other people who are in WesternBoys and keep up to date with our activities. We can also point you towards other chat groups on facebook where you will find plenty of advice and information, please contact us at admin@westernboys.co.uk if you would like to know more about this.

We also have a Twitter account @BoysWestern which we use to remind people of meetings or events

If you would like us to add your support group to our contacts list or if you spot something on our website that is incorrect please email admin@westernboys.co.uk

We rely entirely on donations and fundraising to exist so any help you can give us is greatly appreciated!