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Local Support Groups in the UK:

There are many support groups throughout the UK. To find the one nearest you, please visit the local meetings page

MORF National Chest-Binder Scheme

For more info on MORF, visit their website

Online Support



E-Learning Online Trans-Awarness Resource -> an excellent interactive training/educational resource, for anyone who wants to learn more about trans-identified people (created by GIRES)

FTM-UK Yahoo Group:

FTM-UK Yahoo Group (click here) – online peer support forum for sharing experiences and info on all things relating to the Female-towards-Male experience of life. You must apply to join, for the protection of the membership.

FTM Surgery Info

Click here – online peer support forum for sharing experiences and info on all things related to FTM gender surgery. You must apply to join, for the protection of the membership.


Click here – online and telephone support and information for younger trans people and their families. (0208) 1234819 Monday to Saturday.

Trans Femme Butch

Click here – a forum for “transguys, femmes, butches, genderqueers, transwomen, hermaphrodites, malefemme…” all welcome!



UK Council For Psychotherapy

Click here – “a membership organisation, with over 75 training and listing organisations, and over 7,000 individual practitioners. UKCP holds the national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counselors, listing those practitioner members who meet exacting standards and training requirements.” – Find a recommended therapist in your area.

Counselling Directory

Click here – “Counselling Directory only lists counsellors and psychotherapists who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have sent us copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.” – An easy to use way to find a counsellor with experience of gender issues, in your area.


Support for Families and Partners:


Click here – “a voluntary organisation whose aim is to provide support, advice and information for anyone who knows, or is related to, a transsexual person in the UK” – support for SOFFAs (Significant Others, Family, Friends & Allies)

The Other Halfs

Click here – Online support network for significant others of trans people in the UK: “We comprise people successfully partnering the full range of trans’ experience – from those who cross-gender identify on a part time basis, through those just commenced clinical process, to those who are trans-historied Some of us knew our partners were trans from the outset and some learned later in relationship, some of us have supported our partners through hormones and surgeries, some of us have children (current range from pre-school to adult )…Amongst our ranks are several partners of FtM people at diverse stages of transition, some in successful long term partnerships…This is a place to share the ups, downs and even sideways experiences of life as a partner, and as a person in ones own right…After all life is not all about our partners – it’s about us too.” email (They also have a hidden facebook group you can join on request.)


More Support, Resources & Useful Info:

Transition Ftm UK

A great site full of loads of useful information

CliniQ Trans Sexual Health Clinic

56 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 6AQ Tel. 0203 315 9552open every Wednesday, 5 – 7pm on a walk-in or appointment basis

Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly CRB Checks)

Click here – If you are starting a new job where you may be working with children, young or vulnerable adults, your employer may ask you to fill in an application for a CRB check. This is to certify that you have no previous criminal convictions. The application form asks you to disclose any previous names that you have been known by. However, if you are undergoing, or have undergone gender reassignment, you do NOT have to fill in the name you had in your previous gender. But you DO have to inform the Criminal Records Bureaux that you are undergoing, or have undergone gender re-assignment, but they must not pass on this information.

There is a special contact at the DBS for transgender people: tel. 0151 676 1452 or email  They will inform you of what you have to do.

You do NOT have to disclose to your employer that you have previously lived in a different gender role. But to avoid compromising your privacy, if you anticipate that your employer may ask you to apply for a CRB check, it is a good idea to contact the CRB by the above phone number or email, IN ADVANCE so that they can advise you of how to proceed.

FTM Library

Click here – online interactive catalogue of books and literature relevant to the female-toward-male journey. If you’d like to suggest a title for the book list, or submit a short review, email the QwesT office, and we’ll pass that on to the list moderator.


Click here – “Galop gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse. We also support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system.” – quote from Galop’s website.

Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)

Click here – charitable organisation focussing on the biological and scientific origins of gender identity, providing information for trans people, their supporters and for medical professionals.

The Gender Trust

Click here – the largest UK charity supporting all people with gender identity issues.

The Gender Recognition Panel

Click here – Government website “The Gender Recognition Panel was established under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to assess applications from transsexual people for legal recognition in their acquired gender.” – apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate which will afford you all the legal rights of your acquired gender, including the right to marry, and the right to obtain a new birth certificate.

The Intercom Trust

Click here – Charity supporting LGBT communities in the South West, especially against hate crime & discrimination.

Morf National Binder Scheme

Donate or choose a chest binder from their email catalogue, for the cost of the postage only. The Binder Scheme is run by volunteers, all enquiries will be responded too ASAP. For a catalogue of the binders in stock, or for info on how to donate, email

Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)

Click here – Advice, help & support for people using NHS services throughout the UK.

Press For Change

Click here – the UK’s leading experts on transgender related legal matters. 08448 708 165 office hours on Thurdays; email:

Tranz Wiki

Click here – directory of UK trans-interest groups and organizations.

Trans Equality

Click here – more legal information from Press For Change

Trans Support Groups

Click here – A listing of Transgender support groups throughout the world

Not Alone Plymouth

Click here – A transgender and non binary support group based in Plymouth


Click here – Access over 100 verified UK Trans support groups and locate one close to you. Detailed profiles offer specific information on the scope of support provided, meeting schedules and contact information.

Changing your name:

There is a lot of confusing information out there, about this subject. People often talk about “Statutory Declarations” and “Deed Polls”, and aren’t sure of the difference. Sometimes people are charged a lot of money for changing their name when the process needn’t be expensive or complicated

What’s the difference between a Statutory Declaration and a Deed-Poll? Unlike a Statutory Declaration, a deed-poll does not have to be endorsed by a legal professional. It can be witnessed by any two other people, as long as they are not related to you. A Statutory Declaration may superficially carry more weight because of the endorsement of a legal professional, but in law they are equally valid as a means of changing your name. You just have to decide which method is more convenient for you.

The Statutory Declaration Method: Changing your name can be achieved simply with a document called a “Change of Name Deed”. A Deed is a legally binding promise. You can download a template Change of Name Deed here. Fill in the relevant parts of the Deed, but don’t sign it. Make an appointment with a solicitor and tell them that you would like them to whiteness a Change of Name Deed. At your appointment you will have to swear an oath in front of someone, saying that you promise to abandon your previous name and thereafter always be known by your new name. Then the Deed document will be signed and dated.

While you’re at your solicitors appointment, ask them to make some authorised copies of your Deed, which you can use to send to all the relevant people who you will need to inform of your name change.

You’ll have to pay a small fee for your appointment, which can be as little as £5 or £10, but check the cost when you make the appointment.

The Deed-Poll Method: A Deed-Poll name change is an almost identical document, but it is witnessed and countersigned by any two other people (not relatives), who do not have to be legally qualified, and you don’t have to swear an oath in front of a legal professional. We have come across this company who provide downloadable deed-polls for a reasonable price. It may be a useful option for you.

(Other similar websites are available, but prices vary widely)

Changing Pronouns: To change from being addressed as female – Miss/Mrs; she/her/hers – to having a male address – Mr.; he/him/his – you will also need a second piece of documentation: a letter from your Gender Clinic or GP, preferably on headed paper, stating that you are currently undergoing gender re-assignment and that you intend to live as male from now on and that you should be afforded every courtesy and consideration as such.

As with the Change of Name Deed, get your Doctor to make some copies and write “AUTHORISED COPY” on them and sign them for you.

When you have your signed Change of Name Deed and your Doctor’s letter, you can send an authorised copy of each to all the relevant people/organisations (such as your bank, the DVLA, the DWP, your employer, your gas/electricity suppliers etc.).

It’s a good idea to include a signed covering letter, explaining that you are transgender/transsexual; that you were born female but are now undergoing gender re-assignment to live permanently as male, and that you wish to be addressed with your male identity hence forth. You can also request replacement documents, such as a drivers license; a cheque book; a credit or debit card, etc. in your new identity.

It is your legal right to live in your preferred gender role. (As long as you are not doing it for fraudulent reasons!) Changing your name and how you are addressed, is part of that legal right. If anyone challenges you over this, remember the law is on your side!

It is illegal for anyone to discriminate against you because you are intending to undergo, are undergoing, or have undergone gender transition, even if you have not had or do not intend to have any medical gender-reassignment treatments, but have self-determined to live permanently in your preferred gender-role.


NHS Gender Identity Clinics:

  • The Laurels GIC, 11-15 Dix’s Field, Exeter, EX1 1QA tel.01392 677 077
  • Leeds Gender Identity Service, 1st Floor Newsham Centre, Seacroft Hospital, York Rd, LS14 6UH tel.0113 305 6346
  • GIC, Charring Cross Hospital, Hammersmith, London, W6 8RF tel. 0208 846 1516
  • The Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BA tel. 020 8938 2030 (specialists in childhood & adolescent gender identity)
  • Nottingham Gender Clinic, Mandala Centre, Gregory Bouleverd, NG7 6LB tel. 0115 960 2820
  • GIC, Hergest Unit, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, Wales, LL57 2PW tel.01248 384 251
  • The Gender Clinic, The Sandyford Initiative, 6 Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G3 7NB
  • Gender Dysphoria Service, Porterbrook Clinic, 75 Osbourne Rd, Sheffiled, S11 9BF tel. 0114 271 8674

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