WesternBoys’ GDPR Statement

WesternBoys hold information we have certain obligations to comply with. GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) is a new law to protect the privacy of individuals who provide their personal information to organisations.


Very simply – We cannot do anything with the information you have shared with us without your explicit permission.

The WesternBoys hold certain pieces of data, which you may have provided to us. This may include, but is not limited to, your Legal Name, Chosen Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Home or Personal address, Email address, Phone Numbers and Usernames on certain social media platforms.


What we do with the information we hold?

The main use of the information we have is to remain in contact with you.  Our main contact avenue is via email. We usually do this around once a month to remind of the upcoming meeting, or other events such as the Summer Camp.

WesternBoys do not share your information with anybody. We sometimes receive requests from other organisations, for example research requests. If relevant we may forward these on to you. You are free to choose to interact (or not) with that organisation, and if you do, any information you provide to them will be governed by their policies and the GDPR. WesternBoys will have no responsibility for any information you chose to share if you respond to another organisation.

Only the trustees have access to the information that is held by WesternBoys, and will not disclose this information to anyone else without your explicit permission. There is one exception to this rule. If we feel you are in immediate medical or personal danger we may need to contact the emergency services. If this happens we will tell you why we made this decision and what information we have shared, either at the time, or as soon as is practical after the event.


Facebook and other social media.

The WesternBoys run a ‘closed’, ‘hidden’ Facebook group. This operates on an invitation only basis, and is not open to the public. The only information that WesternBoys have for this group is your Facebook username, which we hold with your contact details, if you have shared those with us. We will not share this with anyone, but if you chose to be added to the Facebook group the other members of the group will be able to see the name you use.

Use of Facebook is subject to the Facebook terms and conditions. Please be aware that WesternBoys have no control over the information that you choose to share in the group. If we are made aware that anyone within the closed group has used or disclosed something without your explicit consent, we will work with you to resolve the situation, but accept no legal responsivity for any situation arising from your use of social media.

We also maintain a Twitter account. Again, use of Twitter is subject to the Twitter terms and conditions. Twitter is an open platform, and if you chose to follow @BoysWestern others will be able to see that you have done this.


Your Rights.

You have a right to request a copy of the details we hold, and WesternBoys will respond to any request as soon as possible. If any information you have provided is incorrect, or needs updating, and you tell us about the problem we will correct any information provided as soon as possible.

You may request that your details are removed or updated at any time. If you request removal, WesternBoys will delete your contact information. We will also remove you from the closed Facebook group, if you are a member of that group.


What Now?

When you joined our mailing list you gave us permission to keep in contact with you. The way we work has not changed since GDPR came into force, so you do not need to do anything if you are happy for us to continue contacting you using the details that you have already provided.

If you no longer wish to be contacted by us – you should email admin@westernboys.org

This is the same address to update your contact info with us, or to request a copy of the details we hold.